Website Redesign or Website Upgrade

Over time websites become outdated and the code obsolete. The design elements while they used to look magnificent, have grown stagnant and all to familiar. If you are bored, odds are your friends, family, and customers are bored as well.

One of the "perks" of updating your website is that you will move into a whole new dimension of functionality. Content management systems like Drupal & Joomla are improving everyday, not to mention all of the developers on the community level creating website modules and software to cover almost any reasonable need. By updating you will be able to enjoy all of these benefits.

In most cases a rebuild is pretty much the same as a new build, with the exception of having to create new content. By content we are referring to information. The graphic elements will need to be updated as well as the software which drives the website, but we can skip most of the steps involved with content. The website will also need to be polished, and optimized for search engines etc.

The first step to getting the ball rolling on your Redesign is to read our section on The Website Process: Start to finish.

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