WebPlexx Customer Testimonials

Lynnis Woods-Mullins of PraiseWorks

I have been working with webmasters for almost 20 years. I happen to be the fist person to have ever hired a Webmaster for a large auto insurance company in the United States. The qualities we were looking for then are still the qualities that all hiring managers, entrepreneurs, project managers, web managers look for today: technical knowledge and capability, creativity, flexibility, timeliness, ability to understand the customer and make recommendations, the uncanny ability to understand when a non-technical person explains how they want the site to look, infinite patience, excellent communication skills, the ability to discern when to say “that doesn't look too good” as well as the ability to be sensitive enough to not say anything at that particular time and most important, a person who loves and takes great pride in his work. I can say unequivocally that Paul Jones has all these qualities and then some.

Not only is Paul creative and has a real appreciation for color, design and layout he is also very technically versed. Paul quickly becomes more than just the webmaster you hired, he strives to understand your business and works at understanding what might best represent the business.

Pauls' ability to “get it” is almost spooky. He has a gift in understanding what his clients don't say. Those words/ideas that all clients try to express when talking about a theme or design but have problems expressing what they see in their minds eye. Paul almost always figures it out and 99% of the time it is better than what was originally in his clients mind.

Paul is a consummate professional. He never misses a deadline, keeps the client on their toes when he is aware that a deadline is approaching, and he is always pleasant.

Paul Jones is truly a keeper. He will add that special touch to any project he works on and when the project is concluded you will be trying to think of other projects for him to do because you will not want to lose him. He is simply put – outstanding!

Lynnis Woods-Mullins
-CEO, Founder – PraiseWorks Health and Wellness
Chico Yard & Pool - Yard and Pool Services, Chico, CA

I am submitting a testimonial for the website designing, planning and layout from Paul Jones for my company Chico Yard & Pool, located in northern California. We are a landscape and pool maintenance company in a very competitive area here in the north state. His initial design and layout was completely beyond my expectations. The feedback and results have tripled our productivity so much so that we have actually had to turn away clients even in these hard financial times.

I rarely do feedback response on the internet but am taking the time to do this for Paul and perhaps your company as well. Unbelievable....He monitors and informs me of all activity, which is invaluable as I am not a computer guy. I am out working non stop largely due to Paul's work. Please take a minute and check it out...it has done wonders for me and my company!

Joe Mullen
-Owner, Chico Yard & Pool
Authors Website, Phyllis Horne - The Carnival Girl

Hi, I would like to recommend Paul Jones at WebPlexx.com. He is a very creative web designer. When I need to get a hold of him to get things done to my website, he always answers his phone and his e-mail right away.
WebPlexx designed my website over two years ago, and I'm very happy with it and the service I receive.

I find Paul to be honest, trustworthy, and very fair. I highly recommend him.

Phyllis Horne
-Author, The Carnival Girl
GoodDog, Pet Supply Store, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
March 16, 2013

Approximately a year ago, a local friend of mine in Idaho recommended Paul Jones and his company Webplexx for a web page that I was interested in building for my company. To be honest, I didn’t "jump right in" because I had no idea of how much it was going to cost, how much information I was going to need to produce for him, and whether or not it would enhance my young company’s exposure on the internet.

When I finally took the leap of faith, it was much easier than I expected to get the site up and running. I explained the ‘mood’ that we wanted our company to show thru the website and in what light I wanted our customers to see GoodDog. He asked questions about our products, how much time I personally wanted to work on the content, and got acquainted with us through our Facebook page. He gathered the information and developed a highly functional website that our customers can have as a reference and new customers can use to find out what products we carry. The price was reasonable!

Each month, I write a short article for the home page and give him any changes in products or services and Paul goes to work and within a very short time period, has my site up to date and ready for viewing.

Paul is almost always available to me by phone or email. If I can’t reach him immediately (which is rare), he returns calls or emails within minutes or very few hours. I have never had to wait overnight (even on weekends) to make contact.

Not only does his work reflect his accuracy and skill, but it is always done in a very timely manner. Paul "listens." He takes the time to listen to my wants and needs and makes a huge effort to accomplish the task.

Please visit our website, www.gooddog-us.com. I am very happy with the layout and how easy it is for our customers to acquire needed information. Customers can contact us through the website and we are very happy to be able to return their emails quickly.

When considering work for a website, I highly recommend that you give serious consideration to Paul Jones. He’s done great work for me and he will be my web designer for many years to come. Please feel free to contact me for any other questions.

Pamela Nordby
Owner & Operator, GoodDog - Coeur d'Alene Idaho's Specialty Dog Shop!