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Progressive Clinical Research San Antonio

About this Project

Progressive Clinical Research is a an independent, multi-specialty clinical research facility located in San Antonio, Texas. They conduct both non-paid and paid research studies in San Antonio. Progressive Clinical Research has been conducting phase II, III, and IV clinical trials for over seventeen years and required a website that could inform visitors to their site about currently enrolling studies as well as a system to publish new study pages and present details along with informative downloads and a way for visitors to contact them in order to participate in the clinical trials. Progressive Clinical Research wanted a website that was mobile friendly and easy to use so that visitors would be able to easily find what they are looking for. Along with a new website, Progressive Clinical Research also wanted their location information easily found online so their local business listings were claimed and updated with new profiles that include accurate information, pictures, phone numbers, addresses and accurate map markers etc. A Facebook page was setup that integrated with their website using web services so new studies would also be posted to Facebook to allow fans a followers to keep track of the latest information.

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Progressive Clinical Research