Joe Mullen of Chico Yard & Pool

I am submitting a testimonial for the website designing, planning and layout from Paul Jones for my company Chico Yard & Pool, located in northern California. We are a landscape and pool maintenance company in a very competitive area here in the north state. His initial design and layout was completely beyond my expectations. The feedback and results have tripled our productivity so much so that we have actually had to turn away clients even in these hard financial times.

I rarely do feedback response on the internet but am taking the time to do this for Paul and perhaps your company as well. Unbelievable....He monitors and informs me of all activity, which is invaluable as I am not a computer guy. I am out working non stop largely due to Paul's work. Please take a minute and check it has done wonders for me and my company!

Chico Yard & Pool - Yard and Pool Services, Chico, CA
Joe Mullen
-Owner, Chico Yard & Pool